East Bay Staging


Vacant Home Staging

Sell vacant properties quickly and easily. Empty properties need extra attention because unfurnished rooms appear cold and unappealing, both in person and over the internet. By staging rooms, we turn houses into warm, inviting homes.

Show buyers how to optimize space when you contact us for staging services. Working within your budget, we make rooms come to life.

Occupied Home Staging Services

We offer two levels of service for occupied home staging:

Staging Consultation:   One-time consultation with us in your home.  We'll use our expertise to give you invaluable advice on how to maximize the potential of your property for resale.  Fee is based on size of home.  

Hands on Staging:  Let us do all the work!  We will re-purpose items in your home and rearrange furniture to accentuate your home's best features.  Accessories and accent pieces are strategically placed to showcase spaces and make them more inviting to buyers.  Any additional pieces that are needed can be provided by us as an alternative solution to a complete home staging.  Fee is based on areas to be staged.

Either way, our service is prompt and efficient.  We understand that time is money for you.  We create warm and inviting spaces, offer a full range of services and provide excellent customer service.

Senior Relocation Services

If you or a family member is thinking of downsizing to a smaller home or transitioning into an assisted living space, we can help.

Reducing the amount of personal treasures you have accumulated over the years is difficult, but with our assistance, we can make this process easier for everyone. Once finished, your new space will be designed to maximize traffic flow so that all your functional needs are met.

Additional Services

There is no time like the present for a home makeover or redesign to refresh or enhance your lifestyle.

  • House Makeovers
  • Redesigns
  • Model Home Staging
  • Office & Lobby Design
  • Senior Living Design
  • Relocations / Move-Ins
  • Personal Shopping Services
  • Home Reorganization